2018 Majlis Travelling Scholarship

31 August – 22 September 2018

Majlis Travelling Scholarship Install documentation, 2018, documentation by Christo Crocker
2018 Majlis Travelling Scholarship, installation documentation by Christo Crocker.

The Majlis Travelling Scholarship's purpose is to assist and inspire artists to achieve their full creative potential through the opportunity to travel overseas following the completion of their third year of undergraduate study.


Kiri-Una Brito Meumann
Billy Bob Coulthurst
Emily Eliades
Jordan Halsall
IchikawaEdward – Anita Davies & Joshua Edward
Daniel Kotsimbos
Nik Lee
Chas Manning
Tamara Marrington
Sean McDowell
Gabrielle Skye Nehrybecki (winner)
Hannah Nilsson
Elsie Preston
Kiah Pullens
Madeline Simm
Zara Madelaine Sullivan
Jennifer Tarry-Smith
Rachel Walker


Dr David Sequeira

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