Nickk Hertzog: Decomposing Contingencies

17 February – 25 February 2017

Nickk Hertzog: Decomposing Contingencies install documentation, 2018, courtesy of the artist
Decomposing Contingencies, Nickk Hertzog, 2018, image courtesy of the artist.

Decomposing Contingencies reconfigures digital materials towards a video installation of meaningful rearrangements.  This project investigates how the excess of digital availability offers a means to rearrange, distort, and accelerate the contingencies of digital video to produce new material frameworks for meaning. Original additions and associations continually rework found materials towards spaces of new and ambiguous meanings presented in this installation. Through a range of video images, textures and associations, the exhibition accelerates the ambiguities of digital material and the poetic contingencies of meaning.

This exhibition comprises part of the VCA School of Art PhD Program.

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Nickk Hertzog

Nickk Hertzog work explores the slippages and ambiguities of urban spaces and their digital representation. He works in video, sound and installation.

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