Stephen Palmer: The Anxiety of the Relation

14 February – 17 February 2018

Stephen Palmer, 'Falling at 30fps,' 2015
Stephen Palmer, 'Falling at 30fps', video still, 2015.

Stephen Palmer's PhD project utilises video, text and photography to explore the function of the image as a prosthetic means of perception, in terms of its relation to subjectivity and the contingency of experience. The works come out of an investigation of what Samuel Beckett calls ‘the anxiety of the relation’: an uncertainty inherent in perception which he argues can be exposed by the artwork in its turning away from the telos of representation. These ideas are explored here in the context of the saturation of everyday life by contemporary teletechnologies, and the temporal and spatial disorientations that they engender.

This exhibition comprises part of the VCA School of Art PhD Program.

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