Yours Internally

27 July – 25 August 2018

Kiron Robinson, 'Hello. You've made it', 2015
Kiron Robinson, 'Hello. You've made it', 2015.

Organic kale, yoga mats, adult colouring-in books, active wear – the lifestyle accessories of our time. New found peace or a reaction to something darker? Yours Internally combines neon works by Kiron Robinson and videos by Grant Stevens in an exploration of the internalised experiences of doubt, insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty.

Featured artists

Kiron Robinson

Melbourne based artist Kiron Robinson works across neon, video, photography, text and sculpture to engage his ideas around doubt, faith and failure as constructive devices. Robinson explores perceptual process and the vulnerability of forms to project a world where everything becomes uncertain. Images might be scanned, layered, cropped, reconfigured and re-photographed – thus throwing the meaning of both the images and, by extension, the things they ‘document’ into question. Courtesy Sarah Scout Presents, Melbourne

Grant Stevens

Working mainly with video, photography, sculpture, and installation, Grant Stevens’ art practice explores how the verbal and non-verbal languages of popular culture interface with contemporary subjectivity. His works regularly take their inspiration and reference material directly from television, movies, and the Internet, as they seek to unravel ambivalent connections between cultural clichés and lived experiences. Fascinated by quests for happiness, self-improvement, and existential meaning, Stevens’ work questions how the forms and messages of emotional capitalism are impacting contemporary experiences and expressions of identity. Courtesy Sullivan + Strumpf, Sydney


Dr David Sequeira

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